Lacerte Music
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Larry Lacerte is a musician from Frisco, Colorado. Lacerte Music contains various music projects including his solo material, band project Broke Down Rodeo, and instrumental project LaCerte.


Music and Mountains are what keep Larry Lacerte awake.  Living in the mountain town of Frisco, Colorado has flavored his songwriting and music which now includes his self titled solo project, band project Broke Down Rodeo, instrumental project LaCerte and a yoga and music collaboration named Baretrax.  

Growing from learning home recording and self releasing several albums of his earliest songs, he has now released two solo studio EP’s recorded at CCM Studios in Denver.  The first, Dreaming of the Ways, represents his foray into the Roots Americana genre while searching to put his stamp on the sound.  There are experimental almost Americana Progressive Rock songs like “Dreaming of the Ways” and “Alone” contrasted with riff driven songs like “One More Whiskey.”   “Work of Love” quickly became the signature song on the album with powerful vocals and lead guitar highlighting the influence of the Colorado jam scene on the music.

On to the North is his latest studio release made in collaboration with Broke Down Rodeo.  He continues to refine his brand of Roots Americana with tracks like “Heaven I Left” and “On to the North” before exploring a more electric sound with the bluesy “Killing Me Babe.”  “Don’t Let It Die” rounds out the album with an energetic tune that is the spirit of his path.  It’s about doing all the things you’ve always wanted to do and carving out a place in this world- both central to Larry’s work ethic and drive that now find him on a journey around the world spreading positivity through Music.

Larry Lacerte will be debuting a new instrumental project later this year- LaCerte Guitar Meditations.  Born from his ‘Grit and Groove’ ethos, these instrumental compositions speak to the healing power and transcendent language of Music.  These instrumentals paired with yoga and movement create a soothing and rejuvenating experience in a new collaboration with Mia Tarduno named Baretrax.